I started the Adventure Imaging business in the Summer of 1999. It was a major step in the restructuring of my Professional Engineering career. Leaving behind the corporate world to pursue a career in Ski Mountaineering Photography was a decision that took many years to make. I can't imagine things any other way now.

The technical side of my photography training started in 1970, when I received a camera as a Christmas gift. Artistically, though, it is purely genetic, as my mother is an accomplished commercial artist and photographer.

(Photo by Neville Mallett - Mount Gordon 2001)

From the first photo taken with my new camera (Dad by his new car), it is obvious that I had a bit to learn about composition and timing. The training hit a low point the following summer, when the camera's plastic body melted out of shape whilst sitting on the car's dashboard in the South Carolina sun. In the years that followed, I sporadically borrowed family members' cameras for practice. It wasn't until graduating from Engineering and heading off to Australia with my wife that I started getting serious about taking photographs (with her camera). I finally took the plunge in 1989, purchasing a Canon EOS 620 and lenses when we moved to New Zealand. In such a beautiful a country, it wasn't always necessary to look through the lens to take an amazing photo. I shot a ton of film and drove the local lab staff crazy with my demands for print perfection.

New Zealand was also where ski mountaineering became so much more of my life's passion. Upon returning to Canada and working as an engineer, I devoted all of my vacation time (and then some) to honing my mountain skills. Doing so was a difficult task, being based in Ontario and earning only two weeks vacation per year. But with a supportive wife and an understanding employer, I managed to hit a career high of 10 weeks in the mountains in 1997. It was obvious that a major change was necessary ...

Adventure Imaging has everything to do with my passion, expertise and training. Primarily, I shoot adventure images and in today's digital world my engineering skills have proved invaluable.

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