Published Work

Commercial Advertising

GMC Canada Pontiac Cup Ski Racing (Maclaren McCann), Effem Inc. Mars Ski Racing, Mountain Equipment Co-Op, Karbon, Sporting Life Race, The Sign, Druxy's Deli, Hershey Alpine, Miele, Alpine Ontario, Dittman & Greer

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Magazine Covers

Avalanche News "Canadian Avalanche Association"

Mountain Life

On the Bay "Celebrating Life in Southern Georgian Bay"

Starting Gate "Alpine Ontario Ski Racing"

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Articles by Don Bauer

"Going Solo" - ski-mountaineering and solitude ... "There must always be a balance of risk and reward to match one's comfort level."

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Editorial Use

On the Bay "Celebrating Life in Southern Georgian Bay", Mountain Life, Ski Racing "The Journal of Ski and Snowboard Competition", Ski Press, Starting Gate "Alpine Ontario Ski Racing", Couloir "Backcountry Adventure", Windsport "North America's Windsurfing Magazine", Planchemag "Windsurfing Attitude" Muskoka Magazine, The Banff Crag & Canyon, Windy Scoop / Courant D'air, Mississauga News

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